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Is this service legal?
Yes. There are laws out there regarding Caller ID Spoofing, but the laws do not prohibit spoofing. They prohibit using spoofing to do anything illegal. Certain states have passed or are trying to pass anti-spoofing laws, but they are being challenged by the spoofing industry as unconstitutional. If you have concerns about spoofing in your state, contact your state government. Keep in mind that most states DO regulate the recording of phone calls - so it's up to you to make sure it's ok for you to record calls in your state.

Where do I find instructions on how to use the services you provide?
Simple - Here, or in the SpyCaller™ app itself. The service is very easy to use. We've done our best to make it easy for you to make spoofed calls. And, if you have a question we don't answer anywhere online or in the app, just open a ticket and ask us - we'll get back to you ASAP.

How do I retrieve my recorded calls?
There are two ways: First, you can use the SpyCaller™ app to save the calls to your phone's storage device (SD Card, memory, etc). You can also download the calls to your PC's hard drive right from the Calls page of the customer portal.

Does SpyCaller™ give out my personal information to third parties?
SpyCaller™ may collect some personal information from customers for billing and service improvement purposes only. SpyCaller™ does not sell or transmit your personal information to any third parties for any reason, with the exception of cases where a legal subpoena that has been issued by law enforcement or a government agency. In these cases, SpyCaller™ is forced to turn over any and all records pertaining to the case at hand.

Does SpyCaller™ allow me to spoof text messages?
Not at this time. We plan on implementing this feature in the near future. Please check back.

Can I call outside the U.S. using SpyCaller™?
No. At the present time, we only support U.S. customers calling U.S. numbers.

How do I control the name that shows up on Caller ID?
You don't. Names are controlled not by the originating caller, but by the phone company that controls the line you are calling. They will read the caller ID (Spoofed or real) and attempt to match it to a national database of names. If no name is found, a variety of things might be displayed such as "Unknown Name", or nothing. If you spoof as a real phone number, be prepared to have the real name show up as well.

How do I cancel my service?
Just stop using it. We never delete accounts, EVER. We retain records permanently, and will not delete them, even if requested to do so by a customer. If you do not wish to use SpyCaller™ anymore, simply remove it from your cellphone. SpyCaller™ does not refund unwanted minutes.

What number shows up on the person's phone bill when I spoof a call to them?
The number you spoof is the number that shows up on THEIR bill. As for YOUR bill, you will see all your spoofed calls as calls to one of our pre-defined access numbers.

I paid for minutes but I didn't get them!
Most likely, you just TRIED to pay for minutes, but for one reason or another, it didn't go through. We have a number of anti-fraud measures in place which may reject your purchase. In those cases, you ARE NOT CHARGED. If your payment is approved, your minutes will be granted - simple as that. If your payment isn't being approved, pay attention to the error messages. They're very helpful in determining what's going on. Some banks take up to three days to post the funds from the failed transaction back to your account. Please contact your bank, not us, in the event you want to know how long before the failed transaction amount posts back to your bank account.